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Benefit Funds

Local 1298 Members, and various Employers.

The Health & Welfare Fund is administered under an Agreement and Declaration of Trust by the Board of Trustees which is represented in equal number by Union and Employer representatives.

The Employer contributions to the Health & Welfare Fund are provided for in the collective bargaining agreement between the Employers and the Union and are remitted on behalf of active employees. With these contributions, the Health & Welfare Fund is able to self-insure all benefits for eligible participants in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Plan. Please note that the Plan's benefits are being provided to the extent that funds are available. The Board of Trustees of Local 1298 shall be empowered to amend or terminate this Plan or any benefit under this Plan at any time.


When you obtain your eligibility, make sure you provide a Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificates to the Fund Office. It is your responsibility to contact the Fund Office once you obtain your eligibility.  

  • Attending College

    • Special Enrollment Form 

    • Once your dependent child turns 19 years old, special enrollment form must be filled out the month they turn 19 and sent back to Local 1298 Benefit Funds. Failure to do so will result in termination of benefits and claims will not be paid. Form can be mailed to 681 Fulton Avenue, Hempstead, NY 11550 or faxed to 516-489-0369.

    • Once the form is completed and sent to Local 1298, dependent child will be covered until the end of the month they turn 26 years old.



For a more detailed explanation of your benefits please refer to the Summary Plan Description Book.

When You Need Assistance we’re here to help! Just call Local 1298 Benefit Funds at (516) 489-3644 and choose the department to assist you.











Laborers Local 1298 Benefit Funds

681 Fulton Avenue

Hempstead, NY 11550

Annalisa C. DeFalco Esq. – Fund Administrator

James E. Cornell – Fund Office Manager

Telephone 516-489-3644   Fax 516-489-0369

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