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Dental Benefits




Local 1298 offers an extensive list of participating dentists. This service is available to eligible members, their spouse, and their eligible dependents. If you visit one of the participating dentists, you will have no out of pocket expense. The Dental Plan offers a wide range of Dental Services. Our dental plan is in no way affiliated with MagnaCare. This means, that you should not present your MagnaCare card to your dentist. Your dentist will submit a universal dental form for payment to D.D.S. Simply call D.D.S. at 1-800-255-5681 to see if you are eligible before visiting a dentist.

DDS has over 2,000 qualified dentists and specialists in the tri-state area.This extensive network of professionals offers patients a choice of locations as well as dentists. Each of our participating dentists has been carefully screened to ensure the highest standard of dental care available. These dentists are not retail outlets or clinics; they are neighborhood dentists in private practice. Each dentist provides the full range of modern dentistry and offers courteous treatment and personal care. When You Need Assistance please call the above number or visit the DDS website at

Please note that dental benefits are not handled by MagnaCare. You do not need to present your MagnaCare card when you go to a dentist. For dental benefits, you can choose from the Fund’s panel of dentists and receive coverage based on the Fund’s scheduled allowance. If you choose your own dentist who is not part of the Fund’s panel, you will be responsible for any charges above the Fund’s allowance.



Benefits Provided:


Benefits will be subject to a maximum limit per family per Plan Year of $2,500. There is no charge for In-Network dental checkups for dependent children under age 19 (limited to one oral exam every 6 months). The types of dental services covered by the Plan are summarized below:

  1. Examinations, Prophylaxes (cleaning of teeth and x-rays)

  2. Extractions

  3. Fillings

  4. Oral Surgery

  5. Periodontia (treatment of the gums)

  6. Palliative Service (to relieve pain)

  7. Prosthetic Appliances (dentures, bridgework, and crowns)

  8. Root Canal Treatment

  9. Repair of Prosthetic Appliances

  10. Orthodontics- Up to $2,760 lifetime per qualified dependent under age 19


An expense will be considered to be incurred on the date the service is performed or the supply is furnished, not on the date the bill is received.


Annalisa C. DeFalco Esq. – Fund Administrator

James E. Cornell – Fund Office Manager

Telephone 516-489-3644   Fax 516-489-0369

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