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  • Legal Service Fund

    • All members who are eligible for benefits can take advantage of this benefit from which there is a $50 Legal Deductible. Please contact the legal office for additional information during normal business hours.

    • Covered Services- For more information on covered services, refer to your Summary Plan Document

      • Legal Advice, Consultation, Negotiations, Letter Writing, Document Drafting

      • Legal Defense Benefit

      • Separation or Divorce Benefit

      • Domestic Relations Benefit

      • Adoption Benefit

      • Correction of Public Records Benefit

      • Landlord-Tenant Benefit

      • Real Estate Benefit

      • Credit-Consumer Benefit

      • Personal Bankruptcy Benefit

      • Will and Small Estate Administration Benefit

      • Administrative Agency Benefit

      • Traffic Violations Benefit

      • Immigration Benefit

      • Criminal Defense Benefit

      • Insurance Protection Benefit



3 Surrey Lane
Hempstead, NY 11550

Telephone 516-486-4488    Fax 516-481-5960


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