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Voucher Department

All contractors will be required to submit the Weekly Employee Benefit Order Form along with the correct contribution amount. This form must be completed even if a member is not working. You will simply report zero hours for that week. This report will be used to verify hours worked by the members.


By submitting this report, you are certifying that the information contained in the report is true and correct and that the hours reported represent all hours paid to members of Local 1298 in the employees of your company for the period specified. The reports are subject to an audit.


Please be sure to submit the Weekly Employee Benefit Order Form even if there are no hours worked. If you have any questions please call the Fund office at 516-489-3644.


All benefits must be purchased with corresponding Local 1298 Members Names and Social Security Numbers. All orders must include a Local 1298 Member’s SS # and Name in order for the order to be filled. If there is no Member information included, your order will be delayed until the proper information is provided. 


It is very important that you make sure that your employer is making contributions regularly on your behalf to the Benefit Office for each hour worked by you during employment. Failure on the part or your employer to make these contributions will leave you in the position of having no benefits.


If you have any questions or comments pertaining to the above, do not hesitate to contact the voucher department at (516) 489-3644.               

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